California Innovation Experience

As a participant of a California Innovation program, you enter a network of forward-thinking students, thought-leaders, and business veterans passionate about participating in the future of Italian industries. California Innovation is an environment that fosters entrepreneurship and stimulates creativity because we believe that when young talents feel empowered they commit to achieving big goals. Throughout the year we bring groups of international students for experiential educational programs that take an in-depth look at Italy's value creation with thought leaders who have shaped successful academic or business practices to inspire entrepreneurial thinking.

Program Building Blocks


To build an in-depth understanding of the topic at stake for the participants, today’s leading design, academic and business minds come to share their expertise.


To incite project work, design strategists lead participants through workshops that engage their creative thinking.

Visits and Local Experiences

To get an up-close look at Californian economy, students visit partner companies to see their production models then have conversations with company managers and entrepreneurs.

California as a Campus

Over the course of the programs, participants visit various cities and company headquarters across the state to get a far-reaching understanding of its manufacturing value creation.

Past Programs




1st February 2019

Early Application Deadline