Manufacturing Renaissance

In order to shift the focus from “Designed in California” to “Made by California,” this summer a group of selected undergraduate and graduate students will cross the people and stories of California’s manufacturers to discover the value creation happening in a land where anything is possible.

Globally recognized as a digital tech outpost, California is also the state responsible for the largest manufacturing output in the US. Today, it’s experiencing an artisanal manufacturing renaissance in sectors like food, wine, textile and industrial design. As people in the Golden State turn their attention to these highly specialized industries, they are revolutionizing them by bringing the same progressive spirit that they brought to tech.

The California Innovation Program is a fully-immersive learning experience that will offer an unprecedented exploration into this phenomena occurring in the world’s fifth largest economy. To investigate how exposure to this dynamic environment drives businesses to push the boundaries of traditional manufacturing, participants will meet with the land’s manufacturing entrepreneurs—leaders of Made by California who dare to construct new possibilities for industries. They will also take a behind-the-scenes look at manufacturing processes to get deeper industry knowledge.

During the three weeks, world-class thought leaders and business veterans will lead conversations to build insights about the opportunity spaces for Made by California companies. After absorbing California’s forward-thinking approach to the industrial economy, participants will participate in strategic design activities to discover areas of creative intervention where we might produce a positive impact on the global manufacturing landscape.


The 2019 California Innovation Program will be headquartered in San Francisco, inside the iconic PCH Innovation Hub.
The building is located in the Potrero Hill Neighborhood, highly visible from highway 280, the on-ramp to Silicon Valley, and amidst many of the city’s creative and technical makers.


California Innovation Studio
PCH Innovation Hub
135 Mississippi St, San Francisco
CA 94107, USA


Company Visits
The companies will welcome participants to their headquarters to unveil the secrets of the value creation and to provide important industry knowledge. In addition to the behind-the-scenes look at manufacturing, company managers will lead conversations with the mentors and students to provide deeper insight on the California business landscape.

Leading entrepreneurs and experts will provide the class with the essential tools to understand the different industry contexts and opportunity areas. Inspirational talks, as well as one-on-one sessions will enrich the experience and stimulate creativity.

The program leverages innovative approaches and cutting-edge practices from our faculty to help participants embark on project work. Top-class designers, professors, and entrepreneurs will guide the participants through creative processes to develop solutions for the future.

After getting an up-close look at specific companies, participants will explore broader opportunity areas to manifest simplicity, elegance, and functionality in California’s manufacturing industries. The participants will develop projects in groups based on guidelines provided by California Innovation and guided by the program mentors.

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