PCH International

PCH is a global custom design manufacturing company that works with companies to design, engineer, develop, manufacture, pack out, fulfill and distribute products as well as manage supply chains. The company was founded in Ireland in 1996 by entrepreneur Liam Casey.

PCH's corporate headquarters are located in Cork, Ireland with operational headquarters in Shenzhen, China and U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, California.
PCH offers product design engineering and development services as well as manufacturing, pack out and fulfillment, and distribution services. For startups, PCH has one division - Highway1 - that works with entrepreneurs to minimize the risk of market entrance and help them scale production.

PCH China Direct assists companies looking to export to China or expand existing operations. In late 2015, PCH International laid off 1,500 workers in China, nearly its entire workforce, as it moved away from mass production of products into more niche markets.